Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kaitlyns New shoes

Kaitlyn is a girly girl. She got these keds tennis shoes and just kept running and running in the front yard. We will be inside and she keeps asking, "run run outside." Yesterday we went to Target to get her some other shoes that fit, all her other ones are getting way to small, and we got these pink sparkle ones-she picked them out and wants to wear them everywhere. While at Target though I decided to get a shirt. While in the dressing room Kaitlyn decided she needed to try on all of the shirts as well. She would put them on and would turn side to side looking at herself in the mirror. It was so funny and cute! Am I lucky or what, these girls are too cute!

Worn Out

One of my Daily naps, I didn't quit make it to the bed. I do get worn out trying to keep up with both of these girls! Hopefully Chris will be ready to take over when he gets back :) !

Samantha swinging

I can not get over how incredibly happy Samantha is. She is sooo much fun and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She loves attention and loves playing with Kaitlyn. She is such a cute baby, of course I am a little bias.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jenny and the girls!

Samantha standing.....with a little help :)
Kaitlyn doing Jennys hair.

Kaitlyn was looking at Jenny hoping she would do a good job on her hair :)

Giving Hugs to Jenny.

And kisses to Jenny! This has been a nightly routine for Kaitlyn, before she goes to bed she has to go to Jennys room and give her a kiss. This past week Jenny has been in the hospital after having a bad seizure, everynight Kaitlyn would pray for Jenny to get better and that she would come home soon. Jenny came home Friday afternoon from the hopital. On Friday night Kaitlyn wanted to say her prayers all by herself. I could make out Jenny and Daddy and a couple other words. Then after she was done she put her hands out and said, "Jenny home, Jenny home". It was so cute that she had made the connection that she didn't need to pray for that anymore and that she was now home. She is one smart cookie!

Kaitlyn playing dress up with all the cool stuff in Jennys room. An old tap dance outfit I wore when I was younger and a funny little hat.

Samantha watching TV with Grandpa in Jennys room.

Kaitlyns dress up for the pool

Samantha is so beautiful. She just loves her sister and giggles and laughs at almost anyone and anything. She is such an animated baby and loves being involved in everything going on.

She's all ready for the pool!

Kaitlyn loves her dress ups now. She had to wear her dress ups out to the pool. She loves wearing High heals around the house and out swimming. :)

I think she was a little upset that her binki was still in or it could be because she did not have any pants on.


Samantha's first time in the pool by herself. She floated around by herself for most of the time, Kaitlyn pulled her around and wanted to play with her the whole time though. Sam is doing very well controlling her hand so she can actually grab the balls and toys we put in for her.

Sam being pulled around by her sister.

Posed Pictures

I love this girl so much. She is such a cutie. If only I could get just a little more energy to keep up with her, she is such a curious, busy, adventurous, social butterfly! I would not change any of it.

Kaitlyns fun for the day...She always looks forward to her Aunt Jenny to come home so she can ride around the house with her on her wheelchair. Jenny can only take so much before she is ready for her to get down, she had to try really hard to get this smile on her face. :)


Kaitlyn and I spend a lot of time outside, despite the incredible HEAT WAVE. We wanted to share this beautiful sunset we saw, who needs Guam anyway! :) Just to let everyone know, we tried potty training for a short period of time. Kaitlyn got it great if she got to use Grandma and Grandpa's front yard as a toilet. She peed outside one day and on another I was on the phone in a rocking chair on the porch, she came to me and told me "poo poo mommy". I was busy talking but when I went over she had squated over the edge of the driveway and managed to poo right off the edge into the yard or what I call the dirt!

Monday, July 20, 2009

At the Pool and Random Pictures

Last night Kaitlyn was stacking her watermelon 4 or 5 high till they fell over. I thought it was cute so I decided to share.
I asked Kaitlyn to smile so I could take a pictue, this i what I got! She's a sweetie!

Kaitlyn can now swim around the pool. When she first got her floaty, she could not keep her head above the water, now she kicks and and moves her hands around as she sings, "swimming, swimming". She is a total water baby. She jumps off the diving board and the side of the pool. She swims the entire pool BY HERSELF! In fact, she doesn't want anyone touching her any more.

Samantha swimming.

We went to the zoo last week. Kaitlyn loved all the animals. At this point, we were looking into the hippo aquarium. The hippo swam right in front of Kaitlyn, she was not impressed at all, she kept getting excited and saying "fish, fish". Hippos aren't as cool as the fish were.


Samantha is such a sweet baby, I wish she wasn't growing up so quick.

Samantha with Tyler, her cousin!
One of Sam's big smiles for Grandpa. She is an absolute angel. I am having so much fun playing with her.

Sam playing with Grandpa, she was cooing and had the cutiest smiles for him.

Samantha after swimming one afternoon.

I was cooking dinner one night and she konked out in her bouncy seat. Usually she likes to be bounced and rocked to sleep, she musted have really been tired.

This is Samantha at the Lake house. She pretty much sleep the whole time, if I'm lucky!


Sitting on the wakeboard tower.
The new paddle boat! So much fun as long as the canopy isn't up when thereI wind!

In the tube again.
Driving the boat with uncle Chris

Lisa, my roommate from Utah State, came out to visit. We took Kaitlyn and James tubing. They loved it.
Kaitlyn and I on the boat, cruisin around. It wears her out!

It only looks curly because its wet, but Kaitlyn is actually getting some hair. It is getting long, thick and cute!