Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kaitlyns New shoes

Kaitlyn is a girly girl. She got these keds tennis shoes and just kept running and running in the front yard. We will be inside and she keeps asking, "run run outside." Yesterday we went to Target to get her some other shoes that fit, all her other ones are getting way to small, and we got these pink sparkle ones-she picked them out and wants to wear them everywhere. While at Target though I decided to get a shirt. While in the dressing room Kaitlyn decided she needed to try on all of the shirts as well. She would put them on and would turn side to side looking at herself in the mirror. It was so funny and cute! Am I lucky or what, these girls are too cute!

Worn Out

One of my Daily naps, I didn't quit make it to the bed. I do get worn out trying to keep up with both of these girls! Hopefully Chris will be ready to take over when he gets back :) !

Samantha swinging

I can not get over how incredibly happy Samantha is. She is sooo much fun and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She loves attention and loves playing with Kaitlyn. She is such a cute baby, of course I am a little bias.