Monday, July 20, 2009

At the Pool and Random Pictures

Last night Kaitlyn was stacking her watermelon 4 or 5 high till they fell over. I thought it was cute so I decided to share.
I asked Kaitlyn to smile so I could take a pictue, this i what I got! She's a sweetie!

Kaitlyn can now swim around the pool. When she first got her floaty, she could not keep her head above the water, now she kicks and and moves her hands around as she sings, "swimming, swimming". She is a total water baby. She jumps off the diving board and the side of the pool. She swims the entire pool BY HERSELF! In fact, she doesn't want anyone touching her any more.

Samantha swimming.

We went to the zoo last week. Kaitlyn loved all the animals. At this point, we were looking into the hippo aquarium. The hippo swam right in front of Kaitlyn, she was not impressed at all, she kept getting excited and saying "fish, fish". Hippos aren't as cool as the fish were.


Samantha is such a sweet baby, I wish she wasn't growing up so quick.

Samantha with Tyler, her cousin!
One of Sam's big smiles for Grandpa. She is an absolute angel. I am having so much fun playing with her.

Sam playing with Grandpa, she was cooing and had the cutiest smiles for him.

Samantha after swimming one afternoon.

I was cooking dinner one night and she konked out in her bouncy seat. Usually she likes to be bounced and rocked to sleep, she musted have really been tired.

This is Samantha at the Lake house. She pretty much sleep the whole time, if I'm lucky!


Sitting on the wakeboard tower.
The new paddle boat! So much fun as long as the canopy isn't up when thereI wind!

In the tube again.
Driving the boat with uncle Chris

Lisa, my roommate from Utah State, came out to visit. We took Kaitlyn and James tubing. They loved it.
Kaitlyn and I on the boat, cruisin around. It wears her out!

It only looks curly because its wet, but Kaitlyn is actually getting some hair. It is getting long, thick and cute!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dancing with cousins

When she gets together with cousins, Kaitlyn gets silly

Baby Cow

The calf was born that morning, so it was only a couple hours old. Kaitlyn had so much fun petting it until the mom started getting close. They are miniture cows so they are smaller than regular cows, the mom is as big as she's going to get.