Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cold Nights

We've been having some campfires at night. Kaitlyn has started trying to help put the twigs in at the beginning. To keep her away from the fire pit once its started we gave her a marshmallow, she loved it.

Lion Ranch

On Veterans day we went to a lion refuge. We thought Kaitlyn would think the lions were cool, she loved the swinging chairs they had.

"Dad are you done with the picture, can I get back to my swing"

Its a Girl

Kaitlyn is going to have a baby sister. We are so excited. Everything is going great. Here are the 4-d pictures we got!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

After Trick or Treating

After trick or treating we did give Kaitlyn a lollipop. We have a rocking chair out front and she loves rocking in it. She ate her lollipop and would sing as she rocked. I don't have to tell you she loved the candy.


For halloween Kaitlyn was a bunny. She kept her hat on the whole time and actually trick or treated. She carried her bag around like a purse on her shoulder and was excited to have people put things in it.

New Carseat

Kaitlyn has a new forward facing carseat now. She thought the box was the coolest thing ever. Chris started off by playing with her, then fell asleep so she just crawled across him.

Kaitlyns 1st Birthday Cake

Kaitlyn had a butterfly birthday cake. She was nervous about digging in but her cousins Davis and Emma helped her out.