Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tornado's on base

There were 3 confirmed tornadoes that touched down on base last week. Things were crazy afterwards, trees were down everywhere, some cars were smashed, and we did not get the electricity back on until the next afternoon. These were some of the trees down on the golf course.

There are a ton more down trees behind this one.
This was a huge tree! It is the same tree in the previous picture.

This is what Samantha thought of all of it!


We went to a Squadron easter party. Kaitlyn did so good finding the easter eggs until she realized there was candy in them. She got her new sunglasses a couple days before and she loves them. Kaitlyn is so adorable and is so much fun.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do'in what she does best

She is such a beautiful baby I must admit.

Kaitlyn and Samantha

Kaitlyn loves to hold Samantha. We don't keep Samantha in the bassinet as much any more because she is always sharing her toys (necklaces) and helping Sam with her Binky. She stands on the side of the bassinet to look in. It is so cute.

Baby Samantha

12:20 am ... April 29 ... 8lbs. 1 oz

Samantha and Kaitlyn at the hospital

Kaitlyn is such a big help. She does not like Samantha crying, she always rushes over to put her binky back in her mouth or to give her a kiss hoping it will help. But when she first saw Samantha she was jealous of her hair, she has more than Kaitlyn has now. Then she was ready to leave the hospital to go play with our friends that were watching her, Bekah and Beau.

March Madness

In March, as I understand it, the Pilots grow out there mustaches for March. This is Chris on March 28, after growing it out all month he had to shave it right before we went to the hospital. Yes thats a month of growth...he did not cheat either, he started on the 1st.