Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jenny and the girls!

Samantha standing.....with a little help :)
Kaitlyn doing Jennys hair.

Kaitlyn was looking at Jenny hoping she would do a good job on her hair :)

Giving Hugs to Jenny.

And kisses to Jenny! This has been a nightly routine for Kaitlyn, before she goes to bed she has to go to Jennys room and give her a kiss. This past week Jenny has been in the hospital after having a bad seizure, everynight Kaitlyn would pray for Jenny to get better and that she would come home soon. Jenny came home Friday afternoon from the hopital. On Friday night Kaitlyn wanted to say her prayers all by herself. I could make out Jenny and Daddy and a couple other words. Then after she was done she put her hands out and said, "Jenny home, Jenny home". It was so cute that she had made the connection that she didn't need to pray for that anymore and that she was now home. She is one smart cookie!

Kaitlyn playing dress up with all the cool stuff in Jennys room. An old tap dance outfit I wore when I was younger and a funny little hat.

Samantha watching TV with Grandpa in Jennys room.

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